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I Arkitektur och Design bloggen 3Rings finns en artikel om abinitio och våra ljudabsorberande produkter. Artikelförfattaren uppmärksammar det faktum att det nu finns möjlighet att förbättra ljudmiljöer med god design på många olika sätt. Han skriver:

simulazione opzioni bi ”Ab Initio has marked out some bold aesthetic terrain with Cullus. The product, a three-dimensional heavy duty knitted material made from 100% polyester Trevira CS, deeds tremendous aesthetic versatility. Since Cullus is a flexible material, it can be fashioned into various imaginative forms.

In reference to the above, Ab Initio has provided a quartet of comely incarnations. Cullus Globe is a spherical configuration resembling a mid-century pendant lamp; Cullus Regatta has a nautical aspect, appearing to defy physics as it simulates the phenomena of sails unfurled in the wind; Cullus Wave captures the rhythmic oscillations of both wind and water; and Cullus Booth boasts a slim, sculptural, and decidedly contemporary appeal.”

kroatisk valuta forex Artikeln i sin helhet finns att läsa här.

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